Don’t Pay to Play! Google Money Masters is Free

The recent trend toward making money with Google has prompted a lot of Internet buzz around the reality of Google scams and Google Money systems that are legitimate. The burning question is, are the Google money masters and cash systems real, and can you make thousands of dollars every month from them?This article explains what it is these systems actually do, and how you can earn cash in a Google money system without paying out hundreds of dollars in fees. First and foremost, you should NEVER, ever pay for a system that promises you a job. If you see an ad that says work with Google or work with Twitter or eBay or any other highly respected company, chances are certain, it is not a ‘real’ job.Now, there are more than a dozen different ways to make money using Google, and one of the most prolific Google money masters systems is to have you join Google’s AdSense program and place Google ads on your blog or website. Although this can make you money, many programs fail to openly reveal all that is required in this money system.The AdSense program is free, Google does not charge you to join AdSense; however, they do not always approve everybody.The majority of the time, you need to have an established website with some relevant traffic, before Google may approve you. You will earn money when someone clicks on an ad, placed on your website, that directs the visitor to a site owned by the advertiser. The ‘click’ will earn you anywhere from one cent to as much as $15 depending on the advertiser rate and how much he is willing to pay per click.The major failure of many Google money master and Google money system is they do not educate you on how to properly get traffic. You need to drive traffic that is interested in your website or product before you can get them to click; buy or even stick around. The key to success in any online business is in the traffic.If you truly want to make money online, Google offers and teaches you how to use their AdSense program free. Although other companies may offer to teach you how to do this, for a small $1 or $2 ‘fee’, their terms allow them to charge as much as $60-$80 per month! It is always a good idea to read the terms clause in any purchase, especially online.Instead of hoping to make money with a Google money system, you should sign up for Google AdSense, then invest in a book or program that teaches you how to get traffic, how to build a user-friendly website, and how to earn real cash with a viable online business.Save your disappointment and hard-earned cash by avoiding any advertising that asks you to send them ANY money to ‘work’ with Google, or a paid Google money system. Although you can make a lot of money with Google, you should consider investing in a real online business by building one without spending a fortune. It is more prudent to learn from and follow the examples of legitimate and successful marketers.

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